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Where does clog dancing originate form

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Download Where does clog dancing originate form

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Clog dancing or clogging, as it is sometimes known, takes its origins from square They would tap their feet to keep them warm during working sessions. On the

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Mar 30, 2007 - The elements of ones folk dance speaks a multitude about the people who do them, so what is clogging, where does it come from, and what English clog dancing began in 19th century England during the Industrial Revolution. In these competitions, the judges would watch the routine and judge it?Netherlands -?United Kingdom -?United States -?See alsoBest Bluegrass Clog Dancing Video Ever Made - YouTube? 14, 2009 - Uploaded by David HoffmanWe've got our own versions of clog dancing in England. I should get started back doing it since it would Clogging is a folk dance of the Appalachians. Everybody who has studied the dance generally agree it came to America through our English ancestry. But the

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Traditional clog dancing; the history of clog dancing and its development in It tended to be men that would dance and, later, as its popularity grew to its peak While authorities still debate about the origins of both buck dancing and clogging, one fact does seem pretty sure: Clog team dancing originated in western North Originally this dance was performed in wooden shoes called clogs, but later would be performed in wooden soled shoes. During the 1760s' clog dancing wouldClogging is a truly American dance form that began in the Appalachian Mountains . stay healthy by movement, and exercise which would including clogging. The American form of clogging is a truly unique dance form that began in the A simple google search will show many instances of the term "clogging" in the

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