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Document getelementbyid contentwindow

Download Document getelementbyid contentwindow

Download Document getelementbyid contentwindow

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var x = document.getElementById("myframe"); var y = (x.contentWindow || x.contentDocument); if (y.document)y = y.document;

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getelementbyid contentwindow document

contentWindow) { var thebody = frame.contentWindow.document.body; }else if(frame.contentDocument) { var thebody = frame. getElementById('ifrm2');. Once you have a reference to the iframe, you can use its contentWindow and contentDocument properties[1] to access elements within The contentWindow property can be used in the host window to access the window object that Furthermore, in Google Chrome, the contentDocument and the contentWindow.document getElementById ("myFrame"); var frameDoc = frame.

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Jun 11, 2012 - Hi Try with iframe.contentWindow . Example: var myIFrame = document.getElementById(iframe_id); myIFrame.contentWindow.document. script >. function getIframeContent(frameId){. var frameObj = document.getElementById(frameId);. var frameContent = frameObj.contentWindow.document.body. What does "if (y.document)y=y.document;" mean? function changeStyle(){var x=document.getElementById("myframe");var y=(x.contentWindowGet references to iframe content and properties; contentWindow and ifrm = document.getElementById('ifrm'); // reference to document in iframe var doc = ifrm. Dec 13, 2009 - getElementById("actContentToGet").contentWindow.document.body.getElementById is not a function. function deleteElement(element){ var Jan 22, 2013 - getElementById('iframeId'); var innerDoc = (iframe.contentDocument) ? iframe.contentDocument : iframe.contentWindow.document; var ulObj

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